Reward Program - Medals gives you access to a great catalog of running shoes and apparels at a minimum of 33% off regular price. In addition to this discount and our many promotions, we launched a reward program to thank our customers for their ongoing support. Medals can be earned by completing specific activities like passing an order or inviting a friend. 
All you have to do is create a store account on and access the reward program tab located at the buttom left of the store. 

How to earn Medals?

5% returns or purchase

Purchase to earn medals (1 medal par 2 CAD)

Whenever you make a purchase, your store account will be credited with medals. You will receive 1 medal for every 2 CAD you spend on items on our website. Easier than running a marathon, isn't it? With those medals, you'll be able to claim rewards like a discount on your next order. If you have enough medals, you'll even be able to earn free products!

Invite a friend to the run!

Earn 50 medals when you invite a friend

If you like to run to stay in good shape, you shoud tell your friends about it. You might even let them know where you got good running at a great price. When you do, make sure to send them a unique link from our reward program. They will get $10 off when using your link and you'll earn 50 medals when they complete their first order on our store. 

Like us on Facebook

Earn Medals - Like us on Facebook
We like to share our newest products and promotions on Facebook for our fans to see. Like our Facebook Page and we will give you 10 medals. 

Write a product review

Earn Medals - Write a product review
You bought something at our store and it was awesome? Or perhaps the size of this specific model wasn't what you expected? Let other customers know what you thought of a specific item and we will reward you with 20 medals. *Minimum of 20 characters *Maximum 2 reviews per month

How to spend your medals?

Once you've collected enough medals, you can spend them on unique discounts. Simply open the reward app by clicking on "Reward Program" at the buttom left of the screen, log in if you haven't already, head to the "Reward" section and select a reward. Once you selected a reward, you'll obtain a unique coupon code to use on your next order. Rewards